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Shin is a full-time professional angler originally from Japan, now resides in the United States.  He is honest and gentle with having a sense of humor, and has
been married with his wife, Miyu.
 Shin started fishing through his older brothers influence when he was a child and had dreamed being a professional angler as well as fishing in the United


States, where the bass fishing originated.  He joined a junior bass fishing program to compete in the tournaments in Japan and turned professional in 1991.
 With the 13-year pro angler career in Japan, Shin accomplished sucessful results and had the opportunity to compete in the FLW Tour which is the one of the top-level tournaments in the world, and decided to challenge the circuit although he could not speak English at all.
 Since 2004, Shin mainly has been competing in the tournaments in the U.S., and he won the FLW Tour Angler of the Year on his rookie year and became the only angler who has won t​he AOY title in two countries, US and Japan on the bass fishing history.  He also has added 3-time single event victories and 20 Top-10 finishes on his 9-year carrer in the US.  Click here to learn more about Shin's tournament results.
 Shin also is known as a hard worker practicing as much as he can and thinking about fishing all the time on both "on" and "off" the water.  For update on Shin, please go to his Facebook Page or follow him on Twitter.
 Thanks to the continuous support by sponsors, family, friends and fans, Shin's accomplishment in both US and Japan has been very successful.

O    F    F    I    C    I    A    L         W    E    B    S    I    T    E

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